Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Financially Savvy Venue Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding

You don't want to break the bank when planning a wedding. Being financially savvy is important when setting a budget for your upcoming nuptials. Do not worry because there are plenty of things you can do to save yourself some hard earned dollars on the venue.

If you are flexible about where you want to get married, be aware that there are many public areas, such as parks and gardens that you may be available to rent for the day for a low fee. If this appeals to you, find out if the space can handle an event such as the one you are planning for your special day. If it cannot, you will have to rent everything you need and this could end up costing you a bundle if you are not careful!

For the couple who is a bit wacky and unconventional, an unusual and unexpected venue for the wedding might suit the two of you just fine. You might want to think about tying the knot in a museum, art gallery, aquarium, theme park, winery, or at an historical site that you both love. The fees will not be high at these sites, which means low overhead for decor, but just as you would with public spaces, you have to consider how much of your budget will go to renting chairs, tables and the like.

One way to save money on your big event is to hold both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. Not only will this save you cash on the site of your choosing, but it will also save you transportation costs to move guests from one location to another.

For those currently serving in the military, you may have access to venues associated with them. The same can be said if you are involved in any type of community organizations or associations.

If you have a loved one or friend who owns property that catches your eye and resonates with your heart, find out if you can hold the wedding there. It may be a beachfront property, a house on a bay, a farm, or a ranch. Negotiate a deal for renting the property that works well for both of you. If the scenery is breathtaking and you have your heart set on having the ceremony (and possibly the reception) there, renting it will probably be cheaper than choosing a different venue.

Consider the decorating you will need to do for your wedding, based upon the location. Some location choices will not necessitate much money for the decor and ambiance. For example, a garden setting or a winery is beautiful enough with the backdrop that you would not need to add too much to it to make it beautiful.

When it comes to preparations for your reception, look for a package deal. If you hold your nuptials at a location that provides catering services and food items, this will save you a bundle of cash on the items you need to rent.

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