Monday, September 9, 2013

Six Key Attributes You Need to Be Successful Wedding Planner

You're reading this article because you want to become and work as a successful wedding planner who can serve anyone who needs the best advice from a true professional. There is a mix of attributes required along with creativeness, professionalism and honest hard work.

You will see your business grow, you will start planning more than one wedding at a time. It's crucial that you strive to provide the best possible service for each couple that walks through your door by personalizing their needs to provide the best day of their lives.

You would be more than wrong to assume being a professional wedding planner is for the faint hearted. It's not just any ordinary job which anyone can do!

The 6 Key Skills

Keep Clam - Your role will be the 'right hand person' for the bride and groom and you must offer support and confidence. There is a lot to do in one day, so unfortunately you need to expect (sometimes) that things can go wrong. To add extra pressure this is the most important day of the bride and grooms life, so keep cool and be positive if any hiccups occur. There should always be a plan B set in place in case of any emergencies.

Charismatic & Charming - Your face is your business and whilst at work a representative of your client. Excellent communication skills are required to liaise with any character and personality types and you must also be very sociable and hold a conversation across a broad range of subjects. You must network between your wedding suppliers and venues to maintain a good working relationship. Working closely and intelligently with suppliers may result in you getting a better deal!

Negotiate with everyone - Your job will be to hire / buy anything and everything for the bridge and groom, from ordering flowers to hiring a DJ for the reception party. You will need to find the best service and best product for the best possible deal. As your business grows so will your reputation will earn you the right to get a better deal as you use other companies more frequently. You will also build good rapport with your vendors and suppliers you will be able to request better pricing and exclusive services. The better deal you get the better deal for your customer.

Money Expert - You must be able to manage your money and expenses wisely if you want to be a success business person. Sticking to a budget is key so as not to let your self down and more importantly, your client as weddings do not come cheap in the first place! You would have learnt lots in life in how to control finances, so use what experience you have wisely.

Organised - As a wedding guru you will be responsible for everything on the big day from; venue hire, flower arrangement, theme, food, attire, cake, photography, honeymoon and lots more aspects. Keep track of everything you sort out and cross details off as they're completed. Double check contracts and keep these on file in case a supplier tries to compromise their service or product you bought from them. The calendar should become your right hand man.

Know your stuff - A professional and fantastic wedding planner should have a good taste in fashion, music, flower arranging, themes and a good eye for colour and class. Keeping you with the latest bridal fashion is essential to keep up with the market. Learn about different religious ceremonies and traditions so you can serve anyone and their faith. Keep up to date with the best holiday deals and romantic destinations.

Staring your wedding planning business will be a learning curve in life. Like anything, nobody knows much from the first day so work hard and as they say, practice makes perfect!

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