Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tips That Will Speed Up the Wedding Planning

As exciting as it is, wedding planning can also be nerve racking. You will feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Where do you start from? How much time do you need to put everything in order? Relax and take a deep breath. Getting organized early on will help you accomplish all of your goals.

Start Early

The earlier you start planning the wedding, the more time you will have to dedicate to each of the activities and details.

Figure out how much time you will need to handle everything and give yourself a week or two more. Having enough time will give you some peace of mind. You will get to be more focused and capable of deciding adequately.

Create a Schedule

Buy a calendar and draft a wedding planning schedule.

Giving timeframes and dates for each of the planning activities will put you into practical mode. Even if your initial expectations are a bit unrealistic, you will still be starting the process.

Try to figure out when would it be the right time to book the venue, to send out the invitations, to get the RSVP information, to buy the dress, the cake and the decorations. Handle the venue booking first because it will be determining for many other aspects of the wedding planning process.

Delegate Tasks

Unless you are using the services of a wedding agent, you will find yourself dealing with everything and not enjoying the preparations an awful lot.

As difficult as it may seem to be, you will have to delegate tasks. Get your mom, your fiance, your to-be mother-in-law, your sisters and your cousins involved. Delegating tasks will give you an opportunity to look at the big picture.

At the same time, make sure that everybody knows who the boss is. There is no need to turn into a monster but try to keep some level of control. Your approval should be asked before any decision is finalized.

Things Never Happen according to Plan!

Keep calm, regardless of the circumstances. Remember that when you have a specific plan, things will always find a way of going wrong.

Try to remain flexible. Having a backup plan and thinking on your feet will allow you to turn some of the defects into effects. Whatever happens, do not panic! Try to see the obstacles as opportunities for something better.

A flexible attitude and the ability to adapt in accordance to the circumstances will save you a lot of time and effort. Even if you have a specific idea for your wedding, try to go with the flow. You will find the entire planning process much easier and smoother this way.

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