Monday, November 18, 2013

The Venue - Malmaison

With families and friends being closely connected yet ever more mobile it is likely that a fair number will have to travel from out of town to attend the wedding festivities. Take advantage of hotels in your area for housing guests in style to having the whole wedding and civil ceremony there.

Malmaison is an upmarket boutique hotel operator that isn't any more expensive than other similar hotels in the same city yet there are some gems. One would compare the brand in terms of pricing as leaning towards the higher end. In return however, you get to give your guests a cool and memorable experience. As a boutique operator there are a handful of hotels around the UK including Belfast. However, a lot of thought has gone into acquiring sites that make it a talking point for guests with each being different in its own right.

If you're considering something 'different' as part of the wedding festivities and you are around the Oxford area then how about Malmaison Oxford - A former prison! The original prison A-wing is a popular wedding venue and contains thirty-eight of the ninety-five rooms in total. Each room is converted from three adjoining cells, two for the room and one for the bathroom. Just five minutes' walk from the city centre, and it's just another five minutes to the railway station.

Some tips

Research, research and more research. Check out review sites such as TripAdvisor of the thoughts of other guests who have stayed there. Also, best not to fixate on one particular review but go through several sites and form a general picture.

Contact the hotel - Usually when you mention the booking is for a wedding this is the best thing. There is normally a specialist at the hotel that will do their best to accommodate your requirements. Be creative! Its your booking so try pushing out the boat and making the stay or event as personal as you like. Hotel wedding planners love to accommodate as best they can.

Once the hotel is booked the first thing to do is provide guests with a wedding itinerary. Those out-of-towners may be attending your event as part of a bigger holiday and may have onward flights to get to.

Book well in advance.

As the date of the booking approaches its always a good idea to contact the hotel to re-confirm everything is as it should be.

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