Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Advantages of a Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a more unique wedding day, a destination style wedding is certain to offer a great number of attractions for those wishing to exchange their vows in an idyllic location. A destination wedding has seen significant increases in popularity in recent years, and the latest indications show that they have increased in popularity by almost 350% in the last 10 years. Whether you are looking for an exotic beach on foreign shores or a historic garden inn closer to home, a destination wedding is able to offer a great number of advantages, including:

Cost-effective: A traditional wedding is likely to be a very expensive occasion if you're looking at inviting a great number of guests. If you are able to limit or cut down on guests and avoid the cost of the reception, it is certainly possible to experience a destination wedding at a much more affordable price. By visiting an exotic location and staying in an all-inclusive hotel for 7 to 14-days, with a wedding ceremony on the beach, it is certain to cost a lot less than what you might expect to pay at home.

Group travel savings: Many of the popular resorts for the destination weddings are able to offer the wedding party and guests significant incentives and savings if travelling in large enough groups. An all-inclusive resort might offer incentives for the wedding party like a free ceremony, extra amenities, and complimentary upgrades. Besides just benefiting the bride and groom, it is also possible for the guests to enjoy lower rates on the guest rooms, which wouldn't otherwise be offered on a more typical family vacation.

Simplify the planning: Even though you might be arranging a wedding in a foreign location, a destination wedding is often found to be easier to plan than a more traditional one. If you are able to team up with the wedding coordinators that specialise in organising the destination weddings, the entire process is that much more straightforward. A destination wedding is best arranged well in advance, and in general this should mean that the first stages of organising the event should be planned a good 10 to 12 months in advance of the special day.

All in all, a destination wedding is able to be customised to match the needs and budget of the bride and groom for a highly memorable ceremony, while at the same time providing a perfect opportunity to enjoy a long vacation.

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