Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dust-Collecting Wedding Gowns Transformed Into Other Items

Brides spend a huge amount of time picking out just the right wedding gown for their special day. It's the most expensive dress they will ever buy - for the most important day they will ever enjoy. Then they stash it away in a closet, just to sit there for years and years.

It's time to change all of that.

Gown storage with a purpose. First on the list is having your wedding dress cleaned and preserved properly, then no matter what you choose to do with your dress it will be in beautiful condition.

The most popular reason brides have their wedding dress preserved is so that their daughter or even granddaughter could wear it as an heirloom wedding gown when they get married. What a special day that would be and brides look forward to sharing their dress with the next generation.

Several years ago the trend started of using your wedding gown to make a christening dress for their daughter. Christening is such a special event to be celebrated but having a beautiful dress made from "mom's" wedding dress just adds to the meaning. This christening dress can be used by other daughters or can be handed down to the next generation as a special heirloom.

Many moms are also making bassinette covers out of their dresses. Either from the "scraps" left over after making a christening dress, or from the entire dress. How special it becomes that each time a new mom reaches into the bassinette to get her baby that's she's reminded of her own wedding day.

Making items from your cleaned wedding dress is becoming more popular as bride's creativity expands.

How about a baby blanket? The fabric is soft and delicate. A little lace fringe can add to the fun. You could even have it quilted if you wanted something a bit warmer. Adding pieces of your dress to decorate the blanket would be fun. Any extra lace, or flowers or even a sash or belt. Be creative, make it fun.

Here's some other ideas - some are kind of "off the wall", some are kind of fun. Let your own image run wild - it's all about creating memories.

Lingerie - no one would believe that a sexy nightie was once a wedding dress - you and your husband can share the memories of that first night together each time you wear it.

Sachet - sachets can be used for a variety of things and even given away as special gifts with extra meaning when you and the receiver know it was made from your wedding dress.

Pillow Cover - You buy satin sheets, why not a satin pillowcase made from the satin fabric of your wedding dress? It's like sleeping with them memories of your wedding day. The fabric is perfect and you can make several out of one dress.

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