Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Wedding Invitation

A wedding is the most memorable day of one's life, or at least it is supposed to be (unless you experience a few of them which makes the last wedding the most memorable one!). To invite people to the celebration you send them a card, which should represent you and your joy, happiness and uniqueness.

There are many ways to find a good wedding invitation. Hiring a PR for the wedding, and the PR will find you a good designer. Another approach which is pretty common these days is finding the card you like on the internet, selecting the design you like, changing the text line by line and word by word and paying for the print. You can even customize in some cases, change the colors, size and maybe even the design. This is probably the most financially beneficial way.

There is another way for preparation of your wedding invitation other than these which not only gives you the pleasure of making the cards as unique as you and your ceremony, but also gives you the ultimate freedom in customizing your card, and it can be financially way better than the other methods! How? Do it yourself!!!

Designing a wedding invitation does not need you to know rocket science. You need to pick your favorite colors for it (which I am sure if you are a female you already know, and if you are a male you can ask your wife to be!!), decide on the text you want to put on the card ( if you are throwing a very formal ceremony, it should be along these lines: Mr. and Mrs. Tooth Ferry invite you to celebrate the marriage of Princess Fiona and Shrek on, or if you want a non-formal cool card choose a text which suits your taste) and then use Microsoft word or Microsoft publisher software to everything together and send the card off for the print. One very important thing which is often neglected is the font that you want to use for different words on the card. You need at least two elegant fonts to be able to make the names more pronounced compared to the rest of the text.

To make your card even more YOU, you can add some graphics to parts of the card. A flower that you like, a sketch of the dream house you want both to live in, a leaf in or whatever else.

An important thing to consider is that you do not want to overdo the card. Keep it simple, elegant and readable.

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